Tirane, ofroj vend pune Data Entry Analyst/ Operatore ne gjuhen Angleze

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Tirane, ofroj vend pune Data Entry Analyst/ Operatore ne gjuhen Angleze

Come work as a data entry analyst and operator at a growing company that offers great benefits with opportunities to advance and learn alongside accomplished professionals from the USA.


Data Entry Solutions operates in the Medical Billing industry, offering our expertise and support to US based healthcare providers, in connection to our partner company in New York City, Medsol Billing, LLC (www.nymedsol.com) providing our clients with a full range service, by handling all their billing needs. Our offices are located near "Skanderbeg's Square", the city's main plaza, with access to the capital�s main cultural and transportation hub.


We are looking to hire a versatile full-time operator/ data entry analyst with a proactive approach and a team player attitude. You will be responsible for managing and organizing documentation through data entry and reporting in a timely manner, as well as handling calls and following up with payers across the United States, according to our partner�s needs.
The position requires the ability to type error free, +35 words/minute, great communication skills in fluent English and have a positive attitude towards learning opportunities. Previous experience is appreciated.
Official hours of work are 13:30 to 22:00, Monday to Friday.
Candidates who show promise can look forward to competitive salaries and benefits, as well as the opportunity to work and train with some of the best in the business.


Don�t hesitate to contact us!
Applicants can submit their resumes along with a copy of your typing test result via email to al.dataentrysolutions@gmail.com
Please test yourself at www.typingtest.com and ensure you meet these criteria over a 5 minute test.

Thank you!
email: al.dataentrysolutions@gmail.com
Cel. : +355696032058

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